Radiant Girls Programs are designed to bring out the Real Girl inside. Our events combine fun wellness activities with empowering coaching to build positive self image, emotional intelligence, and strong leadership skills. Featured activities include Yoga and Pilates, Outdoor Excursions, Hands-On Cooking, Self Care Rituals, Confidence Adventures, Emotional Intelligence Games, Meaningful Expressive Art, and lots of Fun & Giggling.
The CDC has released detailed guidelines for summer camps to occur in 2021, which we are following. Some of these include: · Health screening each morning · The use of masks, physical distancing in cohorts of 10, extra sanitizing of shared supplies and common areas · Frequent handwashing and availability of hand sanitizer For more of these guidelines that Radiant Girls has put in place please see our complete COVID-19 plans here.
If an in-person camp has to be canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions, girls will be invited to attend the Virtual Camp, receive a credit towards future programs or receive a full refund.
Radiant Girls has camps and events for girls ages 8-16, plus a Teen Leadership Certification for teens up to 18 years old. For more information visit our camps page here.
There are some activities where girls will be divided into groups based on age, but for the most part the girls are all integrated together. This allows for the older girls to naturally take on a mentor/leadership role while giving the younger girls someone to look up to.
Radiant Girls has programs that run during the school year in the evenings and on PD Days, as well as summer camps. For more information regarding our upcoming events click here. And to check out our summer camps click here.
To register for a program or camp, go to the Upcoming Events or Camps & Retreats pages and click on the program you would like to register for. To secure your spot, payment in full is required.
In-person camp runs from 9:00am-3:45pm each day. Virtual camps run from 9:30am-2:30pm each day with a 30 minute lunch break.
Yes! Before care runs from 8:30am-9:00am and after care runs from 3:45pm-4:30pm.
Radiant Girls virtual camps do require girls to be using Zoom, BUT they will not be sitting and just staring at their screens all day. Instead, they will be up and moving playing charades, doing yoga, going on an in-home scavenger hunt, participating in a cooking lesson, making their own skin care products, creating artwork and much more!
Many girls feel shy when they are first attending something new like camp or a group program. Radiant Girls offers activities to help break the ice and open up the opportunity for the girls to get to know each other in a safe and nurturing environment. Staff take extra precautions to ensure that cliques do not form and that the groups change throughout the day so that everyone gets to know each other. Most girls are attending camp on their own the first day, but leave with new friends at the end of the week. Radiant Girls founder, Gina, is happy to answer any specific questions you might have.
Radiant Girls offers an inclusive camp to all campers. We work with families to ensure that the appropriate accommodations and staffing are in place with advanced notice. Please reach out and we can work together to provide a wonderful week for all.
Radiant Girls is happy to offer opportunities for volunteers and co-op students. For more information click here (include link)
Radiant Girls camp works with their campers to make sure that they are being kept safe from any allergies or intolerances they may have. We ensure that nothing is onsite that week that they are allergic to. As girls are bringing their lunches, we will be sending out a what not to bring list each week. There will be some food demos and tastings provided and if there is an intolerance (gluten, dairy), we will serve an alternative. Radiant Girls has an epi-pen on-site, and emergency numbers on our attendance sheet to ensure we can respond quickly if needed.
Radiant Girls will send you a list of anything your daughter might need at camp, as well as what not to bring prior to their week at camp. If you have any other questions please contact us gina@radiantgirls.ca

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