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Radiant Girls Programs are designed to bring out the Radiant Girl inside. Our events combine fun wellness activities with empowering coaching to build positive self image, emotional intelligence, and strong leadership skills. Our events feature mindful activities like yoga and pilates, outdoor excursions, hands-on cooking, self care rituals, confidence adventures, emotional intelligence games, meaningful expressive art, and lots of fun and giggling.

Although each program we run is personally designed for the group, we follow 2 simple principles for empowerment: Everyone has inner wisdom that needs to be heard & trusted, and taking care of your body and emotions is the foundation for wellbeing. Our events focus on these core values: leadership, courage, kindness, gratitude, positive thinking, and self care, all the things that make a girl radiant. We deliver the tools and skills required for girls to grow into a self-assured, healthy, loving, young ladies.

Thinking about offering a girls club at your school? We can help. We can provide the structure, content and/or delievery for the entire program.

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We offer:
Wellness Retreats
Girls Getaways
Team Building Workshops
Sports Phycology for Competitions
School Presentations
Girls Leadership Programs