School and Teams

Virtual Fitness, Wellness & Leadership Classes
Radiant Girls offers virtual classes to public and private schools. We offer many classes including virtual yoga & pilates, wellness, leadership classes, and more. Programs are live and include an interactive question and answer period, debrief exercises and materials for teachers, and students. We also offer the option of virtual meetings with teachers following our events to provide additional tools and strategies to expand and integrate the event curriculum and improve student learning in this new virtual delivery method. Small and large class options available as well as workshops and presentations. Custom classes can be made to suit your classrooms need's!

In-School Girls Leadership Club
Thinking about offering a girls leadership club at your school? We can help. 
We have school programs designed for 30-minute increments, and packaged into 4-week segments. Schools can offer just a few classes, or have a Girls Leadership Club all year long. We can provide the structure, content, and/or delivery for the entire program. Give us a call to set up a time to discuss your vision, and how we can help!

School Assemblies
Inspire your school with a fun and interactive assembly designed to ignite leadership, teamwork, kindness, and gratitude. Each of our presentations is personally designed to support your school's needs, curriculum, and desired outcomes! We've put together Spa Days, Leadership Challenges, Overnight Fundraisers, Social Media Mania, New Years Party, and More! Please contact us for more details to help you create your school's special event! 

Events & Retreats for Your Group
We are currently taking requests for your group events and retreats. Each event is personally designed for your needs. We love the creative process of bringing an event to life! We can facilitate a short few hours or a full overnight retreat. If you need help pulling it all together, we can find you a facility, design programming, and even organize your meals and accommodations. Our content, activities, equipment, and team is at your fingertips. Please contact us for more details to help you create lifelong memories!
To inquire about programs for your group please contact us: or call (905) 335-9591

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