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Teen Equine Leadership Retreat

equine leadership

Join us for a week of horse play! There is just nothing like the bond that develops between girls and horses. It's an experience, a connection like no other and they teach us so much in the process. Ideal for girls aged 12-16 years old.

This program allows girls to get up close and personal with our horses. They'll teach girls to build trust and confidence, develop new communication skills and self awareness, and experience first hand how our horses respond and embrace them as part of their herd.  Each day we will have new and exciting exercises that will have you working with our horses through obstacles and problem solving exercises that will build on the last, promoting learning, self discovery and a unique horse experience that will create life long lessons.

Through participation in our Teen Equine Leadership Retreat, girls will learn to:

• Make choices and take actions based on courage and awareness verses automatic, 'learned' responses.
• Build trust in relationships and teams.
• Develop skills to work through uncomfortable, emotionally charged situations.
• Move from conflict into resolution and agreement more quickly.
• Face fears and learn new behaviours to gain personal power and respect.
• Experience breakthroughs that increase the depth of Emotional Intelligence.
• Expand cohesiveness and productivity within teams and partnerships.

teen horse camp

Our program creates experiences to inspire girls to reach their full potential and provide the leadership skills to help them overcome challenges to cope with the pressures they face today and in the years ahead. Partnered with a horse, girls are encouraged to be creative, innovative, accept responsibility and be accountable. Through effective communication, girls recognize the value of mutual trust, respect and personal integrity to help guide them in their every day life. The end result is girls discovering ways to overcome barriers and achieve objectives, while developing self awareness and solid relationships.

Leadership skills we'll be teaching include:
• Appropriate assertiveness
• Building healthy relationships
• Confidence & self esteem
• Creativity & adaptability
• Goal setting
• Leadership & team building
• Listening skills
• Negotiation
• Problem solving
• Respect & trust
• Responsibility
• Self control
• Verbal & non-verbal communication

Camp Activities:

Our equine camp will also include art and movement activities. We'll being holding yoga classes, introduce meditation, and explore the farm and trails on the property, and maybe even a water fight or two… Art projects include making a journal, a dream board, and an inspirational canvas painting. Each day will also include games for creating rapport, communication, and just plain fun.

The horse activities will be guided experiences, each with a leadership concept being taught throughout. Some activities will be on the ground, others on the horse, but no experience is necessary. No matter what your experience with horses, you will be asked to try something new, while staying safe. No horse experience necessary.

horse therapy teens

This camp will be held at Tammar Equine & Trinity Trotters located at 5132 Sideroad 2 Burlington On. The farm is between Appleby Line and Tremaine, just north of Dundas, and close to the 407. It is also home to a horse rescue, and has many different varieties of horses, cows, goats, dogs and cats. But the most exciting, is there are 5 foals at the barn this summer!

August 14-18, 2017.

Our program begins at 9:15 am and ends at 3:45 pm. Before and after care are available starting at 8:15 am, and pick up as late at 4:30 pm. Before and after care is just $10 a day.

Before July 1st $665 plus HST
After July 1st $725 plus HST.
$25 discount when registering with a sibling or friend.
Before &/or After Care: $10/day or $50 week.

Horse, Tack and Equipment
60 page Leadership Manual
15 hours of Equine Assisted Learning
Activities like Yoga, Hiking & Meditation
Art Activities & Supplies.

equestrian leadership

This program is ideal for girls aged 12-16 years of age. No experience is necessary. No equipment (other than a yoga mat) is required.

Our camp is run by experienced Life Coaches, and Equine Leadership Professionals. This is a program designed for youth, that originated from corporate leadership trainings, personal growth programs and equine healing therapy. The skills and lessons taught here are backed by renowned psychology leaders and the latest research in youth personal development, leadership and healing.

More about our program…

Here are the core concepts for our Equine Leadership Camp:

Principles of Effective Leadership
Designing your Character
Developing Trust & Respect
Building Healthy Relationships
Achieving Influence
Being Flexible & Resourceful

tween horse camp

Why Horses?

For over 30 years, horses have been used to assist in the recovery of physically disabled individuals or those with brain injuries. In the last decade, it was recognized that the special bond, long demonstrated by those who grew up with horses or who had extensive experience in the equine field, could be applied to personal development. Through out the past decade it has been noted that overall, teens are the most receptive and impacted through equine therapy and programs.

Horses are valuable teachers as they connect us to the natural world, to compassion, to love, and honesty.  Because they are prey animals in the wild, their survival depends on being highly attuned to the energy of their surroundings.  This natural instinct makes the horse a powerful, direct, non-verbal and non-judgmental guide – one that teens respect.

Interacting with a big intimidating animal provides a means for them to confront fear and gain more courage and confidence.  More importantly, it removes teens from their 'comfort zone' and requires honest communication in their interaction with the horses.

horse therapy

What the Horse Brings

Genuineness – Horses do not lie. When they are frisky they show it. When they are nervous they lift their tail. What you see is what you get. There is nothing artificial about a horse. They don't care who is looking at them, or what the person thinks about them.

Unconditional Positive Regard – Horses make no judgments. They value and accept each person as they are. They don't do diagnosis or ridicule a person who has a learning problem, is short, tall or has long hair. The horse gives the human true acceptance with no judgment, reprisal or ridicule.

Empathy – Horses listen when you speak. They will look at you and, regardless of your fears, accept you as a partner. They look for opportunities to bond with their human partner.

Self Awareness in Relationships The horse illustrates the impact we have on others, our role in relationships, and our approach to ourselves and to life. Any problem we encounter within our relationship to our horse provides immediate insight into our relationship with other humans. Engaging with horses allows young people to experience pure, authentic relationship where they feel safe exploring 'relationship' with a horse who offers unconditional support and love without judgment.

girls leadership program

What the Horse Teaches

Trust: Girls learn quickly that she must earn the trust of the horse. As mentioned, the horse does not lie, accepts unconditionally, and is considerate of the person's feelings. This is not automatic; as the horse is a prey animal and humans are predators. It requires the participant to "think like a horse" when approaching, riding, grooming and the like.

Respect: Girls learn that the horse does not automatically give respect to a person – they have to earn it. Respect does not equate with fear – it equates with trust, consistency, reliability and patience. The participant learns to view things through the horse's point of view. This "basis of respect" is then transferable to the world in general.

Personal Control: The horse is a large, independent and seemingly all-powerful animal. As trust and respect are garnered, girls gain a sense of self-worth and self-respect. Anger, frustration and impatience garner negative responses from the horse, but patience, calmness and quietness garner positive responses that impart a sense of control.

Impact: The horse is a mirror, showing all of us how we impact others. If we are aggressive, the horse will not trust or respect us. If we are not involved with the horse, the horse will stop and will not move. By understanding how our behavior impacts the horse, we learn how our behavior impacts other humans.

Boundaries: Earning respect from the horse requires boundaries. We cannot allow the horse to dominate, but must also respect the horse's boundaries. Once respected and established, the horse is willing to be guided. Analogies are drawn with the participant as they understand and internalize the concept of personal boundaries.

Patience: Part of earning respect and trust, is having patience with the horse. The horse will display incredible patience to the participant as the person learns about the horse. Should the individual display impatience, the horse will show confusion, uncertainty and flight. A bridge is made between being patient with the horse and being patient with themselves and other humans.

These six characteristics are integrated into the program. They form the experiential basis of our Leadership Training.

In the Equine Leadership Program girls will:
• Increase self confidence
• Uncover personal issues
• Practice setting boundaries
• Trust intuitive knowing
• Learn emotions are information
• Improve communication skills
• Deepen trust and respect for self & others
• Develop leadership qualities

Learning to embody horse sense helps girls face their personal life with confidence and improved decision-making abilities. With this new knowledge they can begin to see themselves and the world in new ways helping them self-regulate and develop into strong healthy leaders.

horse communication

Our country setting removes urban distractions and simplifies options for these girls to gain new insights and new ways of interacting with themselves and others.

With all of this information and activities packed into a week, you can be confident that this retreat will change the way your daughter sees the world, and provide the tools and skills required to help her grow into a self-assured, healthy and loving young lady.


I'm so excited to Now offer our Radiant Girls programs all year round!

Radiant Girls Programs are designed to bring out the Radiant Girl inside. Our programs combine fun wellness activities with empowering coaching to build positive self image, emotional intelligence, and strong leadership skills. These programs feature mindful activities like yoga and pilates, self care rituals, confidence exercises, emotional intelligence games, meaningful expressive art, and lots of fun and giggling. Although each program we run is personally designed for the group, we follow 2 simple principles for empowerment: Everyone has inner wisdom that needs to be heard & trusted, and taking care of your body and emotions is the foundation for wellbeing. Our events focus on these core values: leadership, courage, kindness, gratitude, positive thinking, and self care, all the things that make a girl radiant.

Tuesday evenings at:
5:00-6:30 for Ages 9-12
Next Session Begins May 8th

Email us for a registration package
gina@radiantgirls.ca or call (905) 335-9591.

images/Tween pedicure

Held at:
Be Yoga & Wellness Studio
4031 Fairview St #103, Burlington
Cost $225 for 8 weeks.
Spaces are limited to just 12 girls.
*Includes one free class pass at Be Yoga & Wellness for parents

Thanks to Be Yoga & Wellness for hosting our programs parents can attend a class during this program!

MAY 26-28, 2017

Are you looking to reconnect with your daughter in an authentic and heart-centered way?
Especially tailored for Moms of Girls Aged 9-14, this weekend will give you the opportunity to laugh, listen, and talk with your daughter. This experience will allow you and your daughter to build a strong foundation of connection, while your daughter embarks into her teenage years.

Mom & Daughter Retreat
The weekend will be jam-packed with opportunities for moms and their daughters to have hilarious fun, experience purposeful moments, and create lifelong and life-changing memories. You'll receive encouragement and inspiration from other moms, have intentional and intimate moments of sharing and bonding with your daughter, and HAVE A BLAST along the way!

Your RetreaMother Daughter Eventt Getaway Includes:
-Expert facilitated therapeutic sessions designed to nurture connection and a resilient relationship
-Expert guided yoga & meditation classes
-Ziplining, teambuilding & bonding activities
-A mom's only winery experience & soul session at the nearby Burning Kiln Winery
-Nature-guided rituals & practices that will empower and ground your daughter
-Two nights accommodations at the tranquil 5-star glamping Eco-Lodge near Norfolk County
-Lovingly prepared healthy & whole meals
-And a whole lot of TLC with a small vibrant village of like-minded moms

Take advantage of the opportunity to spend time investing in each other. The weekend is filled with fun, laughter, learning, adventure & making lasting memories together! Not to mention you will have a blast with all of the great activities we've got planned!

zip line mom and girls
Please contact us for more details!
"A 5-star high-end luxury resort with glamping lodgings. Long Point Eco-Adventures is an outdoor hotel committed to an environmentally protective mission, offering outdoor adventure and accommodations that leave a smaller carbon footprint. This EcoStay certified facility delivers on this task, but they don’t compromise on ensuring a girl has everything she needs." writes Sharon Mandalaoui of Dream Travel Magazine.

"When my daughter started grade 8, I could really feel our relationship start to change. We used to spend every night before bed connecting and chatting about the day. But now it felt like she no longer needed me. She was connecting with her friends more and more, and so I started to feel that she really didn't need me. I really wanted to show her that it was important for us to connect. I want to know how I can talk to her in a way that doesn't feel 'pushy' or 'nosy'. I want her to know that she can always come to me. And I really wanted to know how to have those BIG conversations about life and love."

Mom & Daugher

The Therapeutic Experience

As a therapist, author, and seasoned teacher of transformation, Michelle has empowered the lives of hundreds of women, children and families. Now she is bringing her life-altering teachings in relationships and connection, to train parents in the practical practices and tools they need to raise radiant, healthy, happy, and powerful daughters.

Using transformative experiences and teachings you will learn to:

-Create space and join your daughter to connect on the BIG topics of Life & Love
-Create core routines that help nurture your relationship through times of change
-Become aware of core patterns of interaction that are holding you back from authentic connection
-Embrace a more mindfully-aware parenting style, so you can tap-into and attune to your daughter
-Learn the art of the Rupture-Repair parenting tool to navigate through times of upset and overwhelm
-Reclaim your connection with your daughter that is attuned to her moving into a new stage of life.

There is no better way for Mothers and Daughters to celebrate their bond than with a trip together, says Samantha Brown- Travel Channel Host, and ambassador to the US Travel Association. "It offers an intimate vacation, and deeper conversation. It's an overused term but it's quality time."

outdoor yoga

Discovery Call
We would like to offer you a 30-minute Discovery Call. During this call you will...

Discover if this retreat is a good fit for your daughter; learn our approach for nurturing anxious or uneasy girls; ask any questions you may have about food, sleeping arrangements, etc. get guidance on how to describe this retreat to your daughter; learn about how we will provide a safe and nurturing environment for you and your daughter.

foreset at long point
Contact us now!


Gina Faubert

Gina Faubert
Gina's extensive expertise in fitness & lifestyle coaching started over 20 years ago when she became determined to discover how to really inspire change for great health. Her on-going quest has lead her to become a certified Personal Trainer, Trained Pilates Teacher, Certified Yoga teacher, Certified Life Coach, a Certified Trainer of NLP, MER and Hypnotherapy, a BioSignature Practitioner, and holds certifications in healing modalities like Thai massage, Reiki and Reflexology. Through her years of training and speaking to Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 companies, and small business owners, she’s created a system for results driven programs, life changing events and inspiring workshops. Gina holds memberships with ACMS, IFPM, ICF, BioSig, and sits on the advisory board for George Brown College's Health Sciences Programs. Gina has a reputation of being a catalyst that inspires people to undergo significant shifts in their life and finally achieve their health goals. Her recommendations are backed by the latest research and proven strategies for change. She is constantly on the forefront of industry knowledge and goes to great lengths to study with the best health and fitness professionals in the world such as Tony Robbins, Charles Poliquin, Seane Corn, Dr. Natasha Turner, and Louise Hay to name a few.

Michelle Brans
Michelle has been dedicated to the field of child, family, & women's wellness for the past decade. Her formal studies have been in Psychology and Counselling Psychology; She holds a Bachelors of Psychology and a Masters of Counselling Psychology. As a growth-mindset devotee, she has been dedicated to trainings and growth in in the field of Psychology and Cultural Change. Michelle has focused her research and practice on helping mothers and families develop a strong connection with their selves, others, and the natural world around them. Her holistic-integrative approach includes: Emotion-Focused Therapy; Mindfulness & Compassion-Based Therapy; Relational Therapy; Attachment & Developmental-Based Care; Holistic-Integrative Wellness, including Mind, Body, Heart Practices; Ecopsychology and Nature-Guided Therapy; Women's Health & Psychology. Michelle has trained with many of the leading relationship experts including and Externship in Emotion-Focused Therapy with Dr. Sue Johnson, and Satir Family Model Training from Dr. Maria Gomori of The Haven. Michelle has an extensive practice in Mindfulness, and is currently studying with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. Michelle is also a passionate wilderness guide, and is currently completing a publication on EcoPsychology & Healing with Nature.

Gina & Michelle have been partnering since 2014 to offer transformational programs for children and families. They are both moms of strong and bright young girls; their own journeys to foster an authentic and heart-centered Mother-Daughter Connection, has inspired this R & R retreat offering. Together, Gina & Michelle have inspired over 1000 mothers & daughters to stay connected during transitional times of life.

mom and daughter weekend

"Learning to connect with my daughter throughout every stage of her life is t The most important investment I have made. I want to know how to support her independence, while encouraging her to hold onto our family's values."

We welcome you to join us in building your Radiance & Resilience with your daughter.


Upcoming PA Day Events: TBD

Inner Beauty Spa Day
This one day spa day is designed to inspire a love of health and well being in a girls mind body and soul.
girls spa day
Our day includes chocolate face masks, mani's & pedi's, self massage techniques, and an introduction to yoga. Girls will also learn about creating a healthy spa lunch and desserts through a hands on, interactive cooking class.

We'll get creative and weave our inner beauty theme into little works of art, and our tea time chat. We'll also have a little time for self reflection, breathing and gratitude exercises.
spa sandwicheshealthy dessertscucumber water
Our intentions for our Serenity Valley camps are to empower kids with the tools to grow into a self-assured, healthy young ladies, while instilling a love of health and fitness.

This PA Day is best for Girls aged 7-11.
Spaces are limited to just 12 kids per group.
Pre-registration is required.
Camp times are from 9:00am to 3:00 pm.
images/girls facial masks
A Spa Lunch and Dessert, spa supplies, and art supplies will be included in this camp.
Food allergies can be accommodated if requested in advance.

All Day Event is Just $89
To Register:

Download Registration Package
Sign up Today

To reserve a space in one of our events please complete the download and complete registration form. Once we receive it, we’ll confirm if a space if is available and process payment. Group sizes are limited to ensure one-on-one support. Our programs do sell out every year. Book early to avoid disappointment.

This year enroll your radiant girl into a program that will leave her with lessons and memories to last a lifetime!

Teen Retreats - Coming Soon