Our Story

Radiant Girls Programs are designed to bring out the Real Girl inside. Our events combine fun wellness activities with empowering coaching to build positive self image, emotional intelligence, and strong leadership skills.

Our events feature activities like Yoga and Pilates, Outdoor Excursions, Hands-On Cooking, Self Care Rituals, Confidence Adventures, Emotional Intelligence Games, Meaningful Expressive Art, and lots of Fun & Giggling.

Although each program is different, we follow 2 simple Principles for Empowerment:
1. Everyone has inner wisdom, that needs to be heard & trusted
2. Taking care of your body and emotions is the foundation for wellbeing

Our Programs Philosophy

Self Image
Even though young girls today seem to have more opportunities, many girls are less confident, happy and satisfied with their lives. And it's no wonder – girls are constantly given the message by social media that they don't measure up. The resulting pressure and negative reinforcement they face during this critical period in their lives can derail their self-esteem and judgment and shake the foundation of their future. We spend a great deal of time discussing the importance of self talk, loving what you've got, valuing your unique strengths and achieving personal bests.

In our programs we help girls uncover their true passions, discover what values they have created, and the beliefs they have adopted. We’ll also examine what ideas are currently limiting them. Through group coaching, journaling, and personal empowerment strategies, girls develop a better understanding of who they really are and how to stay true to themselves. These strategies are based in NLP and Health Phycology with the focus on developing self confidence, empowering beliefs, and smart goal setting. The overall intent is to help each Radiant Girl transition through their tween and teen years with strong communication and leadership skills, and an understanding of their own power to choose.

Healthy Relationships
The tween and teen years are filled with new experiences with friends, boys, and parents that create heightened emotions, tears, and confusion to sort through. Our programs create space for discussions and teach new and empowering strategies to cope with cliques, bullying, image, and girl drama. Through a variety of activities designed to help the girls learn more about themselves and their emotions, they also learn to build healthy relationships. We'll discuss the importance and value of creating strong healthy relationships, and skills to help these relationships grow and flourish. Kindness, respect, and forgiveness are a few of the key concepts we weave into our activities, and discussions to provide a forum to discuss issues (one-on-one or in a group) that teach these important lessons.

Self Discovery
As we integrate the message of a healthy mind, body and soul through the week, we’ll have the girls explore their thoughts and feelings through scrapbooking, journal writing, creative art activities, photography, and crafts. This creative expression component allows them to reflect, and listen to their inner voice. Coaching tools and techniques will be used to open them up to new ideas and discoveries that are unfolding daily. As girls learn to listen to the inner voice, they become more congruent with making decisions easily, feeling confident expressing their own uniqueness, and trusting their gut to do the right thing.

Some of our programs include a nutrition component. Through research based education, we will explore growing food, preparing nutritious meals, and trying new foods. Girls will help to prepare the meal, while the nutritionist leads them through cooking tips and techniques. The group will sit down and enjoys their meal together, and discusses the nutritional value and importance of eating well. Juicing, sprouting, smoothies, and healthy snacks are often part of this program. Our goal with nutrition is to expose girls to new and healthy options, and have them discover a love for nutritious foods. Our lunches resemble a buffet style approach so they can pick and choose from a variety of options. We take great pride at the end of the week to winning over even the pickiest of eaters. Based on the requests of previous camp attendees, we now send our recipes home with each girl.

There is a strong physical component to our programs. We believe moving your body allows you to learn and absorb information better, while also shifting your emotional state. Our intent is to expose girls to a variety of physical activities so they can find what speaks to their soul. In our camps we try to spend as much of our time outdoors to connect with nature. We might hike the bruce trail, visit to a local organic farm, spending some time in a creek, or hold a fitness or dance class outside. We also offer girls a chance to try pilates, use bosu's, bands, balls, and rollers and learn about their core, posture and balance. We offer yoga classes to improve flexibility, improve mental focus, and relieve stress. We intend to shatter some preconceived ideas about what they like, how they really feel about their amazing bodies. Our activities are always centred around feeling safe, comfortable with the exercises, and testing their own boundaries to discover new personal bests. This component is guaranteed to inspire girls to get involved in a regular exercise program.

Stress Management
In a world full of multi media, technology, working parents, school pressures, social pressures, and busy schedules, it’s no wonder our young girls are in need of tools and techniques to unplug from the world. We discuss how harmful it is to fall into patterns of anxiety and depression, and how simple it can be to learn relaxation, breathing, and meditation techniques to over come these patterns. A variety of impactful strategies are taught to over come fears, release anger and let go of grudges to prepare for the complex relationships that often unfold through these formative years. We introduce them to being mindful of their thought patterns, how to quiet the mind, and introduce them to the many forms of meditation. Our favourite is the gratitude meditation, that teaches them to overcome anxiety.

Creative Arts
Our programs often include an art project that allows girls to express themselves, and discover more about who they are. The activity are guided with questions to encourage self refection, expression, and a positive focus. As girls get older, them often begin to judge themselves, which limit their creativity and expression. This component is intended to recapture the inner artist, to unleash the freedom to just have fun with art. We focus on the magic of creating something from an idea, and giving the project a specific purpose as a metaphor for whats possible in their future. Here are just some of the activities: create dream boards, make meaningful jewelry, design a personal journal, create treasure boxes, design a family gratitude game, and so much more.

Food Philosophy
Our nutrition philosophy is grounded in the latest health research. Our food program will revolve around whole foods with a focus on fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and meat. We will limit our intake of dairy, grains and sugars and encourage minimal use of processed and refined foods. We are mindful that young palates need familiar foods. And we are aware that food likes and dislikes are sometimes stressful situations. We accommodate picky eaters with lots of choices at each meal, and have great strategies and games for trying new foods. We are proud to say that we have never had someone go hungry because they did not find something yummy to fill their belly. In fact, the recipes we use at camp are requested by just about every child at the end of the week. We love great food and we want girls to love it too!